Storm Love


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Mia Garcia returns to her hometown in South Texas fearing for her life after a frightening mugging and near rape in New York City. Mia has loved rancher Wolf Benavidez for as long as she can remember. While visiting his ranch, a hurricane hits, leaving her stranded for several days. The many years of her fantasizing have finally become a reality with passionate lovemaking with Wolf. After the storm, Mia goes back to New York, hoping to return to Texas, but forces working against them keep them apart. Mysterious events begin to take place at Wolf's ranch, making him believe that Mia is a bad omen. Time passes, and Mia never hears from Wolf again, leading her to believe that he used her and she has lost him forever. She decides to move on with her life and starts dating New York City Detective Rossi, who pursues her aggressively, and a love affair ensues between them. In the end, the mysterious events at the ranch come out in the open, along with Mia's secret and a painful decision that she must now make.





Copyright © 2011

Chapter 1

New York City, New York

Mia would see some of the girls laughing uncontrollably because they had exceeded their drink limit and were behaving sinfully. Their laughter turned to silence. Some were startled and panicked when a firefighter walked into the garden room of the restaurant. His stare was serious as he walked around the tables, but when the music came on the girls figured that he was a stripper for the bachelorette party. The silence was broken with laughter that got louder as the cheers began. The male entertainer was dressed in a bright yellow suit with black rubber boots and a yellow firefighter hat that read NYFD. He walked around the tables, checking out all the women at the party, moving to the beat of the music, strutting his stuff while hiding his face under his fire hat that rested to his eyebrows. He was tall, young, and had a clean-cut look that appeared to have come out of a L.L.Bean catalog.

Looking around the tables with a stern look, he asked in a husky, deep voice, “Where is the lady who needs rescuing?”

Two of the party's hosts grabbed Gail’s scrawny arms and took her up front where the stripper had a chair waiting for her. The party guests cheered on with loud whistles. Her face turned red when they sat her up front. Gail giggled when the women broke loose going wild, hooting, hollering, and catcalling. The stripper walked back and forth, staring at Gail, acting very mysterious. All of a sudden, he stopped in front of her and danced. Spreading his legs over her chair, he moved slowing over her lap, unbuttoning his bright yellow fire coat, one button at a time. The women screamed out of control, waving dollar bills in the air. He stepped back, removed the coat, exposing his muscular chest, bulging and rippling with muscles, in addition to several tattoos on his arms. He tossed the coat behind Gail, and he danced to the rhythm of the music. He pulled on his red suspenders. First one then the other came off his shoulders with his pants falling to the floor, revealing a pair of red spandex underwear exposing his butt cheeks.

The girls screamed loudly when he shook his butt and shoved his hidden penis into their faces as he zigzagged through the tables. He energized all of the girls at the bachelorette party, including Gail. He no longer appeared like a modest L.L. Bean catalog model. That demeanor had long gone. He worked the crowd of women, passing out chocolate lollipops in the form of a penis, prancing around the room with his exposed tight, muscular butt cheeks, stopping every once in a while to allow the women to slap and grab in exchange for their dollars. A total man whore he turned out to be.

He maintained a steady rhythm when he walked over to Mia. He singled her out from the crowd because she was not making a fuss like the other women.

As he came closer, she felt him studying her as he walked towards her in a tough macho way, rocking his body side to side.

Oh, my God is he coming my way? Ay dios mio! But why? she thought. Mia had never seen a male dancer in person, therefore she was shy about the whole idea, yet she gazed at his muscular built. She just couldn’t help it. No matter how hard she tried not to look, her eyes just followed his shape. In that quick moment, he performed a lap dance on her. Mia gave quick glances observing his physique. He was just gorgeous, and she watched his thigh muscles tighten when he squatted before her.

What does he smell like? I know this smell, but I just can’t place it. Hmm, it's sweet and tropical. She tried hard not to inhale, trying not to make it so obvious that she liked the smell of the oils smeared all over his body.

He turned and gave her a butt shake, making his butt cheeks dance for her while she sat there completely embarrassed. She probably turned all sorts of colors, just like the rotating colors on a disco ball. He turned, smiled at her, and winked, handing her a chocolate penis lollipop and walked back up front to Gail.

When he left, Mia laughed out of embarrassment and thought to herself, Coconut! That’s it. He smells like coconut oil. She flushed again when she pictured him naked with her eyes zeroed in on his private male part. Mia reached for her margarita with a pink umbrella in it and took a big gulp, nearly emptying her glass.

The male stripper wrapped it up after a few minutes and shortly after left the party. Mia stayed a while more because Gail was her former roommate. If she hadn’t known her well, she would have left lots earlier. Tomorrow was Friday, and she did have to go to work.

Mia received a scholarship from the University of Texas in Austin when she graduated from high school and that was where she’d met Gail Zuniga. They had both majored in English and creative writing. At the time of their graduation, the college advisor had a list of companies that had job openings, and many of them were in New York City, so encouraging each other, they decided to go to the Big Apple. They weren’t fortunate enough to have been hired at the same publishing house, but they did become apartment roommates for the next three years until they were able to establish themselves financially. Afterward, they stayed shopping and clubbing friends because they had so much in common, including their culture and Texas roots.

“So are you going to join us?” asked Gail, anxiously raising her penciled eyebrows up and down annoying Mia. Actually, it took Mia a long time to get used to the idea of seeing her friend with penciled eyebrows. There was even one time when Gail didn’t speak to Mia for two days, because Mia had busted up laughing watching George Lopez on HBO making fun of ladies that would pluck their eyebrows completely off.

Gail had asked Mia earlier to join her and her fiancée because his brother was very interested in hooking up with Mia.

“I thought about it, but I do have to get up early for work tomorrow. Sorry, chica,” Mia told Gail.

“Mia, stop making excuses, girl. Are you still dreaming of that cowboy from your hometown?” Gail asked.

Mia couldn’t help but smile and roll her eyes. “Yes, I still have hope, and he’s still all I think of every day.” Mia sighed.

“But, Mia, it’s been three years here in New York, plus the four years that we were in college, plus the additional years in high school, and still he hasn’t made contact with you or given you any indication that he even likes you, girlfriend. It’s time to move on. Bernardo really likes you, Mia. He has a great paying job, and he’s handsome. He may not be of Mexican descent, but he does come close, an Italian. Please come, because he’s expecting to see you tonight!” Gail pulled on Mia’s arm.

“I know he’s a great guy, and his heritage makes no difference to me, but I still have hope for my cowboy. Just tell him that I got sick with something I ate, and I had to leave the party early. Okay?” Mia asked, blinking her eyelashes at her with a wide fake smile.

“I’m so tired of making excuses, Mia. You should see the look on his face every time,” Gail explained.

Lo siento. I’m sorry, Gail, but I’ll think about it, and maybe I’ll call you on Saturday.” Mia got up from her chair.

“Okay, but I’ll be waiting for your phone call,” Gail said.

“It’s getting late, and I should be leaving,” said Mia, hugging her friend. She said good-bye and headed out the door. It was late. It was after eleven, and after waiting for ten minutes on the sidewalk, there was still no taxi in sight. Therefore, she decided to take the subway, even though she did feel a bit uncomfortable because she was alone. She walked holding on to her purse, heading towards the subway.