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Just a Kiss

A year after being held captive by a dangerous stalker, Celina Gonzalez
decides to reclaim her life. With the help of her girlfriends and a business partner, Celina makes her own “Doomsday List,” everything she wants to do before The End, because the date is approaching -- December 21, 2012.

Little by little, fulfilling wishes from her doomsday list, Celina begins to enjoy life again, until one of her wishes -- to kiss a handsome stranger -- that gets her into a heap of trouble, and puts her in danger again.
With that fated kiss, Celina bewitches Pancho Guerrero, a former Navy SEAL just returned home to McAllen, Texas. He may have been ready to settle down at home, but his cousin, a high-ranking Mexican drug cartel leader, has other plans for him and his special ops training.

Pancho unwillingly gets caught between this angel and the devil when the cartel kidnaps Celina, as she falls to the mercy of one of the most ambitious and ruthless drug cartels, as they use her to make Pancho do a dirty deed for them.

Will Celina make it to 12-21-12?


What's a beautiful young virgin of strong Catholic faith to do when she meets up with a wealthy, sex-deprived, handsome bachelor? During one of Manolo Guerra's monthly visits to his mother's grave site, finding a beautiful, young and single woman was not on his agenda that day. But that day, out of nowhere, things will change forever for both of them as destiny has finally come full circle. She is of strong Catholic faith and her values have been set high, a total virgin she is and this makes Manolo desire her even more. She is Tatiana Madrigal from San Antonio, Texas and was in Miami for just a short while. Finally, a woman who can love him for who he is and who can bear his child to leave his millions to. It will be eight months of heavenly nights and days with her. He has lost years of sexual lovemaking, and she has never experienced any. They will explore each other countless times each day and night.

Storm Love

Mia Garcia returns to her hometown in South Texas fearing for her life after a frightening mugging and near rape in New York City. Mia has loved rancher Wolf Benavidez for as long as she can remember. While visiting his ranch, a hurricane hits, leaving her stranded for several days. The many years of her fantasizing have finally become a reality with passionate lovemaking with Wolf. After the storm, Mia goes back to New York, hoping to return to Texas, but forces working against them keep them apart. Mysterious events begin to take place at Wolf's ranch, making him believe that Mia is a bad omen. Time passes, and Mia never hears from Wolf again, leading her to believe that he used her and she has lost him forever. She decides to move on with her life and starts dating New York City Detective Rossi, who pursues her aggressively, and a love affair ensues between them. In the end, the mysterious events at the ranch come out in the open, along with Mia's secret and a painful decision that she must now make.


Storm Love