Bonnie S. Mata is from South Texas and lives along the border to Mexico where the weather is always hot and sizzling as the books she writes. She lives with her husband and her high school daughter and her beloved Clyde, who is her personal bodyguard. Bonnie is also a proud Air Force mom who awaits the day when her son will finally be home again.
Her ability to speak two languages and to write about her two cultures gives her a unique position. Spanish always has a role in her work, even when she writes in English, therefore, her writing is Spanglish. Her stories and her characters are about Hispanic people and their way of life.
Bonnie enjoys talking to people of all lifestyles, young and old. She says that there is always a good story if you just listen.

To my readers, never stop dreaming and believing in yourself, because only you can manifest what your heart desires.



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