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Chapter 2


Her heels clicked on the tile floor as she walked back inside the house, headed for the kitchen. She reached for her cell phone, on the kitchen counter, and began her text message.

Listen up ladies!!! It’s Margarita Night at my house out by the pool & drinks R on me. So I hope 2 C U after 7 2night!

She strolled down her contact list, and began to add names to her text. She looked around the kitchen and was happy that the camping goodies would not go to waste. She went up to her room, showered and got dressed, then a few hours later she returned downstairs.

She then called her sister-in-law, to break the news that they would not show up for their annual camping trip. After that phone call, the day went by quickly. The kids got back from school, and Margarita told them about their canceled trip to Garner State Park. Even though the kids were sad, they both made plans to hang out with their friends.

Anthony had asked his mother a few weeks earlier, for permission to go to a Metallica concert in San Antonio with his friend Danny whose parents would drive them up. Luckily, Danny still had that extra ticket, so Anthony would be away with them, for the next two days. Margarita had also given Andrea permission to stay over at her friend Ana’s house, but had to be home before twelve-noon the following day.

By five-thirty, Sofia, Candelaria, Estella, and Corina had all texted back that they would be there. Elisa and Victoria were the only ones that were unable to make it.

Margarita took to the kitchen and made mini flautas, salsa, quesadillas, and prepped the avocado and corn chips to offer as finger food.

Her mother stopped by the kitchen island and asked with curiosity, “The kids left?” She observed Margarita working in the kitchen.

“Yes,” Margarita replied. She knew her mom was going to ask more questions, because she always was investigating everything. It could be that, she had a daily log on the family, because she always wanted to know, where each of them was, with whom, and why. In Spanish it was called, being metiche.

“What’s all this food for then?” she demanded, in her old lady voice.

Margarita rolled her eyes. It annoyed her so much that she had to answer such questions in her own house. “Ama, I have some of my friends coming over.”

Her mom’s eyes widen. “Are you having a party?”

That was one of the reasons why Margarita never invited people over to her house, because of her mother. Her mother loved to stare and look people over, fisgando in other words. She always had something negative to say like, “Mira esa! Que gorda esta.” Or another comment was how much food they were serving on their plate. “Vistes todo lo que sirvió en el plato? Se me hace que tenían mucho hambre.”

“No, ama. My friends are just coming over. No party.”

There was excitement in the old lady’s voice. “Are you going to play Lotería?”

“NO MOM,” she drawled, shaking her head hard. Good thing that her hair was pulled back and fastened by a large hairclip, if not stray hairs and dandruff would have fallen into the avocado that she was smashing. She then turned to look directly at her. “No mom, we are not going to play Lotería. AND I don’t want you to ask my friends if they can please play. So don’t harass them!”

She raised her hand in the air and bent it forward at the wrist. “Ay por favor, h-a-r-a-s-s them. Ya te crees muy gringa, con tus palabras muy chingonas!” Her mother made a face, turned around, and left the kitchen for her bedroom.


Later, in the evening, the doorbell rang and Pepito went ballistic, barking and barking, just like a typical Chihuahua dog. Margarita dashed to the door, dressed comfortably in a long, blue multi python print, maxi sun dress. She opened the door and greeted her first girlfriend. It was her friend Estella Rivera, who worked at the county court house and who also supplied Margarita with all the juicy and accurate gossip.

“Hey Estella!! Come on in!” She greeted her with a kiss on her cheek. She closed the door and the girls walked to the kitchen.

“Are the margarita drinks ready?” Estella’s pale green eyes scanned the kitchen island. “I could sure use a strong one.”

“Of course! Here, serve yourself one.” She handed her a purple blown margarita glass. “I was just about to start taking things outside.”

“Well, let me help you amiga!” Estella replied, with enthusiasm.

Margarita opened the patio doors and the girls began to take the pitchers, and finger food out to the patio table.

The summer hadn’t officially started, but Laredo had been setting the record for the hottest in the nation. Even though the sun was about to set, it was still as hot as ever in the ninety-five degree weather. Not even the cool water, flowing from the Rio Grande River, which was just a few blocks away, helped any.

Margarita went back inside to find Candelaria and Corina walking in through the front door.

“Hey prima! I hope you don’t mind us just walking in?” Corina stated, removing her black Ray Ban sunglasses as Pepito barked nonstop behind her. “The front door was unlocked.”

Corina was Margarita’s first cousin on her mother’s side, and was always over at her house, so it didn’t matter if she just let herself in.

“Not at all!” Margarita flashed her cousin a huge smile, hugged her, and then looked up to hug Candelaria.

Candelaria immediately chimed in, looking down at Margarita who was about ten or twelve inches shorter than her. “I was parking my car at the time that Corina was getting out of her car, so I tagged along inside too.”

“Don’t worry! Just come inside and make yourselves at home. Actually, Estella is out back and is having her first drink.”

The girls walked outside and found Estella reclining back in her chair with her eyes closed.

Corina slammed her Dooney & Bourke, knockoff purse, from el centro, on the patio table and yelled, “Hey Estella!”

Estella jumped and bent her body forward, placing her hand over her chest and screamed. “Vieja desgraciada! Can’t you see that I was relaxing? I was listening to the soothing sound of the waterfall from the swimming pool, pendeja.”

Corina laughed and laughed, that her belly jiggled under her tight black spandex top. “Long day at work Estella?” She went over and hugged her.

She looked up at Corina from where she sat. “Hell yeah! It’s been crazy all this week, at the court house with the Zeta trial going on. I’m even scared to go the bathroom at times, even with all the tight security.” She waved her hand in the air. “You never know what shit can happen.” She then reached for her glass and took a big gulp.

Candelaria waited for Estella to set her glass down, before hugging her. “Good to see you again, Estella.”

Ay, Cande! Yes, it’s good to see you too. You mean you came in with this one?” Her eyebrow went up, as she looked at Corina.

She set her red purse on the table too, and took a seat next to Estella. “Yes, we drove up at the same time.” She grabbed a glass and poured herself a drink.

Corina looked at Candelaria and said, “Oyes, ya que andas ahí, hazme a mí un drink.” She fanned herself with her hands, showing off her ghetto manicured nails.

Shaking her head.“Todavía no se te quita lo mandona,” Estella said, to Corina, as she unbuttoned the first two buttons, from her royal blue shirt.

Corina sat across from Estella and Candelaria. “Hell no! I work all day with kids and those brats need direction and guidance all the time.”

Margarita joined the girls, sitting next to Corina, and commented, “Hey, talking about your work Corina. I read in the newspaper that they caught two teachers having sex near the parking lot at Hal’s Landing. Shit! It was on the front page of the Laredo Times!” She wiggled in her chair trying to get comfortable. “Hell, if you go to the Laredo Times website, you can see their pictures in color.”

Estella sat up, and her pale green eyes grew to the size of half dollars, “¿Pero como? They have a picture on the website of the couple having sex?” She reclined back in her chair. “Ay dios mío! What is the world coming to?”

Margarita spoke as she laughed. “No, Estella. It is a picture of their mug shots.”

“Oh! Okay!”

Corina looked at Candelaria and said, “Thank you amiga for my drink.” She took a sip from her margarita drink, and then spoke to the group, “Yes, you read correctly. Well, even though they are employed for the same district that I work for, I still don’t know them personally. Remember, I drive the bus for the high schools and those two are elementary teachers. But yeah, that’s the chisme going on right now at all the school campuses.”

“Que vergüenza!” stated Estella, crossing her skinny, calf-less leg over her other.

Corina waved her hand in the air and widened her owl eyes. “Girl, it’s like… que agüite!” She reached out to grab a mini flauta. “Laredo is a small town, where everyone knows everyone or is related in some way or other. You’d have to move away to another city and find a job where nobody knows you.”

“I guess when your pepa gets hot you don’t care where you do it.” Margarita laughed.   

Candelaria spoke with much interest, “Yes, Juan knows the police officer who caught them in the act.” She sat back in her chair and nodded her head.

The girls looked at Candelaria and waited for her to speak. “¡Pues! Aren’t you going to tell us what you know?” Margarita said, bunching her eyebrows in frustration.

 Candelaria smiled at them, because she knew that she had their undivided attention. “Well, I won’t mention the officer’s name, but he told my husband that the SUV was rocking like crazy. So he parked the cop car next to theirs and not even then did they stop. The SUV was still rocking!” She laughed.

Corina swallowed the food, she had in her mouth before speaking, “Pues, como chingaos traiva a la girl.” She wiped her mouth, from the sour cream, with a decorative napkin with pink flamingos.

Estella’s face flushed with Corina’s comment. “Ay Corina, que cochina!”

Hey, I’m just saying if the SUV was rocking that hard, that they didn’t bother to stop when the cop car pulled up. Means, qué la traiva en chigas a la girl.” Corina tried to make a point.

Es que, la girl traiva un garañón!” Margarita teased, clapping her hands.

¿Qué, qué? What is un garañón?” asked Candelaria, making a weird face.

Corina cocked her head back in surprise. “What! You’ve never heard that expression?”

“No, I haven’t.” Candelaria’s voice was filled with innocence.

“Well, it means that the guy is a STALLION!” She lifted both hands in air, to further express herself. “A stallion is an uncastrated male horse, that is kept for breeding, so it means, qué el caballo, se anda cogiendo a todas las yeguas.”

Chingao Corina! Only you would say such cochinadas.” Estella held back her laughter.

Corina grinned, at Estella. “Hey, I know this because I’m from the rancho.”

Margarita added to the conversation, “Yes Candelaria, so what I’m trying to say is... that he is young guy with a strong sex libido and the gringos use the expression, ‘young buck.’”

“Okay.” She nodded her head. “You know, this gets me to thinking, if the guy loses his job at the school, he can always make house calls.” Candelaria’s face lit up.

“What are you talking about now?” Estella asked, confused as ever.

“The guy is a computer teacher.” She looked at the girls, with a look of don’t-you-get-it. “Remember the movie, where a young boy worked as a delivery pizza boy, and the older ladies who ordered pizzas with extra anchovies would get laid?”

 “Oh yeah! Ay what was his name?” Margarita shook her hands franticly in the air, trying to remember.  Es uno papacito now on Grey’s Anatomy.”

Corina yelled, “Patrick Dempsey!”

Candelaria pointed at Corina, then high-fived her in the air. “That’s him! Anyway, this guy could be the Computer Love Doctor.”

The girls then all laughed and Corina made horse sounds.

“And then what happened next?” asked Estella.

She rubbed her hands together. “Well, the officer flashed the flashlight through the fogged up windows and saw both of them completely nude with him on top of her.”

A la madre!” Corina cocked her head back.

Estella hit her forehead with her hand. “Thank God that wasn’t my daughter. Porque la mato a la chingada!She took a long sip from her margarita drink.

Corina’s eyebrows arched up. “Really Estella, I didn’t know that you had that kind of mouth,” she teased her.

Estella lifted her French tip manicured hand in the air and bent it at the wrist, then sat back in her chair, holding her drink.

Margarita filled the girl’s glasses as Candelaria continued to tell her story. “The officer then asked them, what they were doing and the guy told him, ‘We were having sex.’ A vieras visto!”

“Well, what did you expect for him to say Candelaria? They are both butt naked and the guy is on top of the girl!” Corina remarked, tossing her blonde colored hair back.

Candelaria ignored Corina and continued, “The officer told Juan, that he was going to let them off with a warning. He was just going to tell them to get dressed and leave, but that the girl got smart with him and told him, ‘That he could not arrest them, because they were two consenting adults having sex.’” She reached for her drink and sipped.

Pendeja! She should have just kept her mouth shut, and covered herself up,” Corina said, then took another bite of her flauta covered with sour cream and avocado.

Ay dios mío, like my beloved Omar would say, ‘Es puro putotismo!’” Estella quoted her late husband, as she looked up at the starless sky.

Candelaria glanced down and made the sign of the cross four times over herself. Once over her forehead, lips, and heart, and then with the traditional one, that encompassed touching the forehead, chest and each shoulder with the final kiss of the fingers. In a low voice she said, “Qué en paz descanse Omar.”

Margarita and Corina both said, “Así sea.”

Silence reigned for a moment, giving Estella a moment in her thoughts. Her husband had recently passed away to cancer earlier this year in February.

Candelaria broke the silence. “Hey Margarita, do you think the teacher lady is a fan of your erotic books?” she teased.

 “Hell, I don’t know!” her eyes sparkled with humor.

Estella spoke up, getting back into the conversation, “Yeah. Didn’t you write a sex car scene in one of your books?” she reached in for a quesadilla.

Margarita’s face flushed. “A ya van a comenzar!” She sunk in her chair, bracing herself for the conversation to hit her.

“That’s right she did. Just give me a second.” Corina looked at Margarita’s face as if trying to read the information from her forehead. “Yes, I remember now, it was in her first book, Faith. I think they did it in the red Porsche that the guy, that we all love, Manolo got her.”

Ay si, ese papacito de Manolo.” Candelaria took in a deep breath, remembering the hero in the story.

“I bet you’ve read all of her books and probably more than once.” Estella gave Corina a hard time.

Corina sat straight up. “Of course I have! She’s my cousin and I support her in her writing. AND if you must know, I BUY my books from her as opposed to others that expect them for free because they know her.”

“Hey! I’ve never asked for a free book from Margarita. I’ve bought each and every single one from her,” Estella’s voice was a bit irate.

“Me too! I’ve bought all of her books too.” Candelaria made her point clear.

“Okay! That’s enough.” Margarita raised her voice. “I would like to thank you ladies for supporting me with my books and with my writing. Y’all know how much it means to me.”

Estella’s cell phone rang and she took the call instantly when she saw that it was her daughter. “Hello mija. Yes, I’m over here at Margarita’s house.” She smiled and nodded her head. “Yes, come over. I don’t think anyone will mind.” She then ended her call and looked at the girls. “I hope you don’t mind, if my daughter Letty comes over?”

The girls shook their heads and Margarita said, “Of course not. We’d love to see her.”

“Hey, who all else is coming over Margarita?” asked Candelaria wrinkling her forehead.

“Oh my gosh. I got carried away with your story Cande but Sofia said that she was coming. I wonder what happened to her? Let me call her, because it’s not like her to be late.” She grabbed her cell phone from the patio table.





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